Michael Kleinbriel
Game Developer | Animator | Programmer

About Me

Welcome! I'm Michael Kleinbriel, an Honors Sophomore at Michigan State University, and I'm currently in the Games and Interactive Media major at MSU with the goal of joining the Game Development Minor.

I've been a big fan of video games my entire life and I've always had my dream set on making video games. Every year I have been teaching myself or taking classes in order to improve my skills for video game development. Currently, the fields of game development that I really enjoy are Game Design and Game Programming, with an emphasis on design. I personally believe that these two fields go hand in hand with each other when making games on your own but in a team of 80 people like MSU's Spartasoft Studio club, my specialty is Design. I especially find level design to be very fun for me to do.

I have 9 years of Blender experience, I'm proficient in Unity, and I'm currently a beginner in Unreal Engine (which I'm learning more about). I have video game programming experience with C#, Java, and Blueprints, and I have non-video game programming experience with C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python. Fun fact, I made this entire website from scratch on my own!

My current video game project is a physics-based VR game called Peril in Paradise. I'm also a part of other school projects too. Right now, I'm a ULA for CSE 102 where I help teach Business Students Python, and I'm a Design Director at MSU's Spartasoft Studio club for the Spring 2024 semester. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, hanging out with my family, and playing tennis.

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