Michael Kleinbriel
Game Developer | Animator | Programmer

About Me

Welcome! My name is Michael Kleinbriel and I'm currently an Honors Junior at Michigan State University for Games & Interactive Media with the intention of joining the Game Development Minor. My dream is to become a Game Developer and work at a AAA studio while making Indie games with a focus on VR in my free time. I have 8 years of 3D Modeling, Animation, and Rendering experience with Blender and I've been making games since I was in elementary school. My areas of expertise for Game Development are Design and Programming and I have some experience with Music and Writing.
Recently, I've had the privilege of being a part of MSU's AI Club where I received the Most Involved Member award for the two semesters that I've been in it so far. I also had the privilege of being in the Spartasoft Studio Game Development Club at MSU where I was a QA tester on Tomb for Two and a Designer for Sneak Easy. For Sneak Easy, I focused on designing the player and the levels that are present in the game.
Outside of Game Development, I have programming experience with Python, Html, CSS, Javascript, Java, C#, and C++. In my free time, I enjoy playing Tennis and hanging out with my family.

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